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I love projects. In fact I NEED an ongoing project or else I get bored. At first my wife was trying to push me so that I would finish my project earlier than what I had planned, but she soon realized that as soon one project was done, I manage to find a new one to start..

uroMAMEstyx: arcade cabinet

Build forum : uroMAMEstyx

My cab is by far the coolest project I've done so far. The idea came from my friend Francis who built a cab a year earlier. After some time reading and browsing on the subject, I decided to start my own cab. Curiously, this moment correspond exactly at when my EBay's feedback score started to go up exponentially.


  • Frame is made of MDF.
  • Side panels are made of stainless steel with back-lit inserts.
  • Buttons and joysticks are hook to the pc using a keyboard encoder.
  • Hi-definition 2.1 speaker system.
  • Desktop computer with many emulators (MAME, LASERDISC, NES, SNES, ATARI, INTELLIVISION, COLECOVISON, SEGA MASTER, SEGA GENESIS, ...) as well as a jukebox software to play music.
  • Functional coin door. Ohhh yeah! You need quarters to play this thing. It's like a huge piggy bank that we use to put some money aside for our trips.
  • Buttons, marquee, side panel are lighted.
  • All the artwork is made by me.

uroVIVAstyx: a lizard enclosure

We wanted something cool to put in the living room. So we decided to get some uromastyx lizards. These lizards don't eat crickets nor worms, they only eat fruits and veggies. They don't even drink water.

Of course, buying an already made enclosure was out of the question, I had to build something. Something big and two storey high.


  • Build on a 2x5ft storage furniture.
  • Build from oak (laminated plywood and hard wood).
  • Tempered glasses installed on sliding aluminum tracks.
  • 6 temperature strobes.
  • 4 fans.
  • 1 fan controller use to lower the temperature when required.

uroJUKEstyx: a jukebox software

Development forum and download links: uroJUKEstyx

At first, my cab was using a jukebox software called SKjukebox which was almost perfect for my usage. But there were some unresolved bugs and the author abandonned the project. So I decided to write my own software to resolve these bugs and add some features that I wanted.


  • Written in C++ with Qt's framework
  • Album based.
  • Flexible library filters.
  • Fonts and colors customization.
  • And many, many more configuration options.

Cowboy Cooler

After doing some adjustment to my existing patio to allow the kids to go to the trampoline without having to step on the grass and dirt, I was looking at some old pallets that were lying in my back yard. The I had another flash : I will use it to build a cowboy cooler with a marine radio to play music on my deck. These coolers are popular in the USA and are simply an ice box in a wooden frame.


  • Built with recycled pallets wood.
  • Antique cast iron handles.
  • Antique cast iron beer opener.
  • Water drain installed on the side.
  • Marine radio.
  • 4 outdoor speakers (on the deck)

Time, time, time

Time is really what I need. This is why I need to stop the enumeration of projects, but trust me, there are many more.

You can have a look at the photos to see some of the projects if you want to.